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Holiday Treats for every celebration

‘Tis the season, and Whitey’s has the perfect dessert for any holiday gathering! Pick up or place your order today at one of our Quad Cities locations!

Items from top of the tree to bottom: 
Snowballs: A scoop of vanilla ice cream rolled in coconut and sold in boxes of four. Dollies and candles included for $9.99.


Party Treats: Our Vanilla Cake Roll is sliced into bite-sized pieces, covered in a dark and milk chocolate blend, with half of the treats dipped in chopped mixed-nuts. Available in-store for $13.99 per tray.

Center Bricks: Center Bricks are available in stocking, Christmas tree and bell shapes. These vanilla ice cream bricks are filled at the center with either Peppermint or Crème de Menthe Ice Cream. Available in-store for $6.99 and each Center Brick includes eight servings.

center bricks

Cake Rolls: Our traditional Cake Roll got a makeover for the holidays with Peppermint Ice Cream or Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream! Whitey’s homemade chocolate cake is rolled up with these two delicious flavors and they are available in-store for $9.95 per Cake Roll which includes 6-8 servings.

Holiday Ice Cream Molds: For more than 60 years we have been making Holiday Ice Cream Molds. These hand-painted, vanilla or crème de menthe ice cream molds come in wreath, bell, Santa Claus, Christmas tree, snowmen and poinsettia shapes. Holiday Molds are available through special order for $4.99 each.

holiday molds

Ice Cream Pie: Our delicious ice cream pies are available in Turtle, Mint Chocolate Chip and Mississippi Mud for $12.99 each.


Place your order or pick up your favorites in store today!

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