Stadium Sundae

Recreating the Stadium Sundae

Back in the days of the Whitey’s Parlour Restaurant there was menu item called the Stadium Sundae. Just for fun we made this sundae in honor of Sunday’s big game. Unfortunately it is not available in stores, but we do have an amazing assortment of treats for your watch parties!

Want to make one at home? You need a big freezer to keep it cold, but stack 20 dips of ice cream around the sides of a platter. Use whichever green ice cream you prefer for the field (Mint Chocolate Chip or a Crème de Menthe Shake) and put it in a smaller container in the center. We used marshmallow topping for the field lines. Then just use bent straws for the goal posts and finish it off with whipped cream, mixed nuts and a cherry for the end-zones!

The Whitey’s Parlour Restaurant was in business from 1973 – 1986 and featured a variety of different sundaes, meals and treats!

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