Locust St

Coronavirus and Drive-Thru Update – March 23

Given the Coronavirus pandemic taking place we have made additional changes in how our stores operate. All stores will now be drive-thru only! Four of our stores already offered a drive-thru option, but we have now created drive-thru lanes at the 16th St. store in Moline, Rock Island store, Locust St. store and 53rd St. store in Davenport. Here how each store is going to work:

16th Street Store in Moline: The order stand is set up by the door closer to Hungry Hobo. Please pull up in the line that is placed on the front parking spots in line with the store.

16th Street

Rock Island Store: Come in around the patio from the side where Hungry Hobo is and you will be waited on at the side door. Employees will guide you were to go while waiting for your order.

Rock Island

53rd Street in Davenport: Pull into the line around the patio and the order will be taken at the side door. After ordering/paying you will either veer left (if your order is done) or pull to the right down the alley and your order will be brought out to you through the backdoor.

53rd Street

Locust Street Store in Davenport: The line will be formed around the store starting closer to Marquette Street. The orders will be taken/filled on the side of the store closer to Subway/Grinders/Little Caesars.

Locust St

The stores will have normal hours for the time being and employees will be on hand to answer any questions and help guide traffic. For hours and addresses, check out each location here. Thank you for your support during this time!

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