Dry Ice

$3.00 per lb.    1-19 lbs.
$2.75 per lb.    20-49 lbs.
$2.50 per lb.    50+ lbs.

Dry ice is only available at these Whitey’s Stores:

2601 41st. Street
Moline, IL
(309) 762-4548

2419 East 53rd Street
Davenport, IA
(563) 359-0001

Walk-ins welcome during normal business hours.
Please bring your own cooler/box, or buy one of our heavy duty shipping coolers with a box for $23.50

First and most important, a good insulated container is needed to transport ice cream with dry ice. An inexpensive styrofoam cooler from the grocery store will rarely work. It breaks easily and usually is not the right shape for shipping. We ship our ice cream in a thick poly styrene box with 2 inch thick side walls. These are the best shipping containers available and have been tested to last the specified times for a given amount of dry ice.

For shipping or keeping ice cream properly frozen, we recommend 1 lb. for 2 hours, 7-10 lbs. for 24 hours, 10-12 lbs. for 48 hours. This will keep everything frozen in a container up to 15 quarts. For larger containers and greater shipping times multiply dry ice quantities by this rate.  We cannot guarantee the dry ice will last for a specific time period because of factors like outside temperature, quality of the insulated shipping container and factors such as opening and closing the container.

Dry ice is solidified carbon dioxide and is extremely hazardous if handled improperly. Remember to only handle it with heavy gloves and allow for proper ventilation. Keep out of the reach of children. Must be 18 years of age to purchase.

Dry ice temperature is -109.3 F. ALWAYS handle dry ice with care, wear gloves at all times – an oven mitt or towel will also work. Prolonged contact with bare skin will cause an injury similar to a burn.

Store dry ice in an insulated container. For longer storage, wrap the ice in a towel or in newspaper. DO NOT put dry ice in an airtight container – the carbon dioxide gas will cause the container to expand or even explode. ALWAYS provide for proper ventilation. Carbon dioxide gas sinks to low levels and will replace oxygenated air, which could cause suffocation. When transporting dry ice, we recommend that you leave your windows cracked open.
Dry ice stored in a working freezer will cause your thermostat to turn off the freezer.
DO NOT leave dry ice on a tiled or solid surface counter top as the extreme cold could crack it.
DO NOT place dry ice directly on a glass shelf in your refrigerator.

Plan to pick up the dry ice as close to the time it is needed as possible. You will lose approximately 10%, or 5 to 10 lbs every 24 hours, whichever is greater.

Unwrap and leave at room temperature in a well ventilated area, it will sublimate from a solid state to a gas.